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Use this tag only for questions about the series of vessels (or "starships") known as 'USS Enterprise', created by Starfleet between the 22nd and 26th centuries, with registries NX-01, NCC-1701, and NCC-1701-(A-J). They appear in three of the Star Trek television series and in every Star Trek film.

USS Enterprise is the name given to a particularly distinguished series of Starfleet vessels constructed by the United Earth Space Probe Agency — later known as "Starfleet" — between the 22nd Century and (at least) the 26th Century. These ships and their legacies dominate the Star Trek television series and films.

Use this tag for questions regarding these vessels.

Specifically, the ships are:


The NX-01 was commissioned and was active in the 22nd Century, around the time of the founding of the Federation and the transition of the United Earth Space Probe Agency into Starfleet. The NCC-1701 and NCC-1701-A were 23rd Century vessels that played significant roles in the expansion of the Federation and the affairs of the Alpha Quadrant in that century, including the end of hostilities with the Klingon Empire. The B was commissioned near to the end of the 23rd Century and (likely) saw service well into the 24th. The C, D, and E were all constructed in the 24 Century — the D was especially distinguished. The J is a 26th Century Starfleet vessel that exists in at least one timeline.

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