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I think it is similar to a wasps' nest -- not something cozy but rather like what animals would build. For example, in the Fright Night remake (and maybe in the original, I don't recall) the head vampire simple stores his brood in the basement -- it is a practical place for them, out of the light but they have no comforts nor do they need them -- presumably ...


Noting that the original querent identified the film as Fright Night. I am 100 percent certain it was the movie Fright Night. I have no idea were I got the Hawaiian shirt from but the scene with the tiger was actually a wolf and the pie was a sandwich. I knew the name Brewster sounded familiar, for 12 years I thought it was just a dream. Now I will watch ...


I think that she burnt her house down because her brother died and she did not want to go back to her house because she thought that there was nothing left for to come back to her when her humanity got turned back on because they were going to find out about the super naturals anyways


TL;DR: I could not find the explicit declaration that Cain was a vampire prior to the release of a series of RPG books in 1991. The RPG is called Vampire: the Masquerade and was published by White Wolf. The books started the very same setting called World of Darkness in the question. The RPG has a creation myth that has Cain as the first vampire, with ...

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