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changeling short story Zerg? Hendrix is a zerg? That didn’t make sense. But then Wynne and Jenkins ran down the hall. “Sarge… reactor core. That thing is in the reactor core. Come on.” They both had needle-guns and were hell-bent on chasing their prey. Without thinking, Walden ran out, leaving his gun. “We need to get Brody to the ...


While looking through an abondonware site, I found the game I have been looking for. It is Celtic Tales - Balor of the Evil Eye released in 1995 for DOS. The three character types are actually druids, warriors and bards. Both druids and bards could use magic spells. This was indeed a turn based game with a turn based battle system. Each turn you could ...


Maybe one of the Mystery Case Files games. Escape from Ravenheart, maybe.

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