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I think we're drawing too many parallels. It's being surmised that Neville would be incapable because he's not Harry, thus could not live Harry's life. However, he's not Harry, and shouldn't be thought of as living Harry's timeline. Neville would make his own friends and go on his own path. Dumbledore would still most likely mentor him. The Potters may end ...


POS has the best answer to this question, though its universe is not the same as canon. In POS, people can’t just keep casting spells. Most people will get completely exhausted if they cast two killing spells in a row, or keep holding up a Protego (especially in the face of attacks). I think canon is plain dumb in regards to magical power.


No. Remember, it’s horrible but, besides death eaters there are still plenty of evil people. Being cruel is just part of some people’s nature.


Firstly, they actually went to Tonk’s parent’s house and used a port key. Second, they didn’t know which house it would be. Third, the order may have used say, the Fidellius charm.

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