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It’d open the Chamber to prove him as heir. Tom Riddle planned that his diary, after being made a Horcrux, would be used to reopen the Chamber of Secrets someday. That would then show that he’s the heir, since the legend of the Chamber says that only the Heir of Slytherin can open it. “The story goes that Slytherin had built a hidden chamber in the ...


The diary does not prove that he is heir of Slytherin. The fact the he can talk to and control the Basilisk proves that he is heir of Slytherin. The diary originally probably contained his notes about how he found out that he was not a muggleborn orphan, but a descendant of that Gaunts and of Slytherin, and how he found clues in the castle about the ...


I agree with the previous comment on the wand "shapeshifting" to adapt to the wizard. Remember that Wands are ALMOST a living thing, and are very much sentient. I know there is no confirmation on this and its is a widely believed theory. This would clear why some "evil looking" are even so. I mean I doubt Ollivander would make a wand so "scary looking" ...


All I saw was: Voldemort come back in a such unusual way. I don't know the ingredients, so in the movie Wormtail say the ingredients, but I just heard Wormtail say them. Flesh of the servant, bone from the father unwillingly given, blood from the enemy forcibly taken.


I'm going to mention this, just because nobody else has. When Voldemort attacked Harry for the first time and his Avada Kedavra backfired, his 1/7 of a soul went into Harry, his body was destroyed but his Horcruxes kept him in a semi-alive state, able to possess people and animals. This is what would probably happen if he was kissed; his 1/7 of a soul would ...


I had this thought that as the witch or wizard grows, their wand will change and come to reflect their personality so by the time they leave their school they will have a unique wand that lines up with them. This theory allows for Tom to have both styles of wands without any need for convoluted explainations.

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