Science fiction/fantasy television series that premiered in 2009 on the SyFy network. The show's protagonists belong to a covert organisation which collects supernatural objects.

Warehouse 13, which premiered in 2009 on SyFy (a US cable network), is a science fiction/fantasy TV series about secret government agents tasked with overseeing and collecting supernatural artifacts.

The warehouse is located in South Dakota and is actually the thirteenth such structure with the first building in 1898.

Known warehouses

  • 1 - established by Alexander the Great
  • 2 - held at the Library of Alexandria
  • 7 - built within the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan
  • 9 - founded in Constantinople, and the inspiration behind the Ali Baba stories.
  • 11 - located in the Russian Empire under the Romanov Dynasty
  • 12 - in the United Kingdom during the 19th century until before the first world war.
  • 13 - somewhere in South Dakota, United States of America

Characters from Warehouse 13 have also appeared in-character on other SyFy shows such as Eureka and Alphas.