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The second set of books in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn setting, currently set for four novels. Covers a modernizing world rebuilt after the first trilogy, with a pair of lawmen, Wax & Wayne, as the heroes. Always use in conjunction with the [mistborn] and [cosmere] tags.

The Wax & Wayne novels were initially a short diversion for Brandon Sanderson between other major projects, as he originally intended to return to the Mistborn setting with a modern day context after the medieval Final Empire. After it's positive reception and his enjoyment writing Alloy of Law, the story was expanded to its own set of novels (list as of December 2015):

  • The Alloy of Law
  • Shadows of Self
  • The Bands of Mourning
  • The Lost Metal

The events of the first trilogy are hundreds of years in the past, and the original protagonists have become figures of religious lore - Vin as the Warrior Ascendant and Heir to the Survivor, Elend as the Last Emperor. With the world reformed and given new life after another cataclysm, this time with the knowledge of the Keepers and wielding both Shards of Ruin and Preservation, the being now known as Harmony has encouraged civilization to grow. The new capital city of Elendel (initially ruled by Spook as the Lord Mistborn) has progressed to industrial era technology, cozy in a fertile valley. Guns are common weapons, trains the main transport, with automobiles just starting to appear. Beyond the Elendel Basin in the Roughs, however, life is harsher, with scrubland and deserts common enough features, reminiscent of the Old West. Allomancy and Feruchemy still exist as semi-rare magical talents, along with the rise of Twinborn who can use both powers, although somewhat changed as full Mistborn and Keepers who can use every metal no longer exist.

The main protagonists are Wax, Wayne, and Marasi. Waxillium Ladrian, a minor lord and descendant of Breeze, tried to escape his family obligations by taking up a life as a lawman in the mostly lawless Roughs, becoming near legendary for his gun skills and investigative ability. He returns to Elendel in despair after losing his wife; while hunting a criminal together, said criminal arranges to have Wax shoot her accidentally. Wayne is Wax's partner; Wax took him in to rehabilitate him after Wayne killed a man in a botched robbery. Wayne is a master of disguise, able to pull off a convincing imitation of anyone with a little prep work, a stolen accent, and the right hat, and has a talent for turning up where he's least wanted (near kleptomania and an immunity to logic means he's unwanted in many places). Marasi is a new addition to their little team. She's an illegitimate daughter of the family Wax is marrying into to protect his house from bankruptcy, with a fascination for analysis of criminal behavior and a bit of a hero-worship crush on Wax.

The plots tend to revolve around protecting the city from the criminals and corruption that are starting to make life in Elendel just as chaotic as the Roughs. As the books continue, the consequences of the first trilogy become more clear and more of this reborn world's past starts to catch up. As powers inside and outside Elendel have their own agenda on the city and kick off their plans, even the servants of Harmony find themselves in need of the team's help.

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