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Changing cape names is primarily a PR tactic, not a legal tactic. When a parahuman changes their cape name, the goal is to separate the two identities in the public mind, rather than accomplish any sort of legal shenanigans. Case 1: If the public is not aware of the change, then the cape can present their new name as a completely new parahuman, essentially ...


This has been mentioned by Wildbow at least once. The consensus is that persistent exposure during puberty caused her to develop that way, and Wildbow's comment suggests that was the intent. She only claims she's immune because her aura pushes her to love her but she already does.


According to Wildbow, Skitter foils thinkers reading her due to the way her mind works, including offloading emotions into her swarm, and her vast multitasking ability.


Found the right combination of terms. "Metastable" by Tascion on Sufficient Velocity as per this review. Seems I’m recommending Metastable yet again. Taylor with QA but triggered as a Tinker. Does much of her work through hidden swarms of robot minions. Extremely slow towards the beginning. She calls her basic units ants and turtles for a reason. ...


Sometimes, just finding the right keywords... on the off chance I got the soft drink name right, I searched for taylor lung ramune and got a link to one of the chapters of "Go Gently", a crossover between Worm and Welcome to Night Vale. Taylor knows Lung as Mr. Eikawa. Case and point; on my way back up, I was called over by Mrs. Yamaguchi from the ...


I do not have solid textual evidence for it, but: While those might be the only times that he's explicitly noted using the lie detector, there were other times that she spoke with him and still managed to put one over on him, such as the fundraising dinner. As for why they might have trouble reading it, I think it has to do with her shard. To quote the wiki,...

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