The Xindi are a species from Star Trek: Enterprise

"Xindi" (pronounced zin-dee) is the collective name of six separate species in the Star Trek universe. They only appeared onscreen in Star Trek: Enterprise, although in The Next Generation, Captain Picard did refer to a Xindi ambassador in one episode.

On the original Xindi home planet, called Xindus, six separate species all achieved sentience at the same time. That planet had since been destroyed, and they resettled throughout the Delphic Expanse. The various species that make up the Xindi are:

  • Xindi-Primate
  • Xindi-Arboreal
  • Xindi-Reptilian
  • Xindi-Insectoid
  • Xindi-Aquatic
  • Xindi-Avian (Gone extinct somewhere in the 2030s, when Xindus was destroyed)