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Book about a boy who becomes a sorcerer

The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper? It's the second book in a five book series, but honestly most people only read that one. Will Stanton begins to have strange and magical experiences on his 11th ...
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Sci-fi book series about a teenage detective, possibly named Diamond, with a floating AI assistant

This is the Traces series by Malcolm Rose. Book 1: Framed! (2005) Book 2: Lost Bullet (2005) Book 3: Roll Call (2005) Book 4: Double Check (2006) Book 5: Final Lap (2007) Book 6: Blood Brother (2007) ...
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Book series c.2000 where the main character has the power to communicate with and manipulate plants

I suspect that you're looking for Tamora Pierce's Street Magic, the second book of the The Circle Opens series, which followed her Circle of Magic series. Four young misfits from four different ...
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2000s YA sci-fi book, male protagonist, only one in each world who can travel between dimensions through the 4th one, everyone is him but different

InterWorld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. about Joey, a boy who finds out the hard way that he is a "Walker", meaning he can jump between the many alternate universes. The good news: no ...
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YA Book about two siblings and their uncle, who built a magical cabinet

Escape From Zobadak by Brad Gallagher When Uncle Gary mysteriously disappears, all he leaves behind is a mountain of sawdust and a nightstand that his eleven-year-old nephew, Billy, inherits. When ...
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Story of aliens invading Earth, killing everyone except the children whom they enslave into soldiers

The Legend of Zero series by Sara King. First published in 2013. I'm the OP, just needed to post the answer. A sprawling sci-fi epic adventure that begins with a prophesized First Contact and carries ...
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YA book series about an orphan girl with violet eyes who finds out she has powers

As per an unaccepted answer to Book series with a cover of a girl with unusual eyes, who receives a crystal ball, perhaps The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorenson? For eighteen year-old Gemma, life has ...
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90s or 2000s book about a young girl who somehow found she could access a magical realm

It may be "Over Sea, Under Stone" by Susan Cooper, published in the '60s still very well represented in my local library in Ealing, London, in the '80s along with the rest of her "Dark ...
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Transmigration novel where a girl enters a novel she's been reading and becomes friends with the male lead

I Was the Unrequited Love of the Male Lead. “You can’t go anywhere. Not a single step away from me.” She decided to lay a flower path in front of her favorite book. However, the situation cannot be ...
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Young adult science fiction book series about a teen boy with two scientist parents who tell him to run one day when people show up

It could be Firestorm (2006) by David Klass. If this description rings a bell: His mother is not his mother. His father is not his father. But if Jack hadn't broken the high school rushing record ...
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