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“Hobby programmer”, for over 27 years.

A few of my favorites languages include assembler ❤️, C++, Pascal, and PHP, but my current go-tos (pun intended) these days tend to be AutoHotkey and JavaScript. I used to be a bit of a compile-snob, but I find scripting languages to be more convenient now. Secondary languages I use include anything and everything (I keep trying to pick up new ones just because, including those crazy esoteric ones, but especially anything that is remotely useful).

I mostly do library and utility programming, creating either libraries of functions for use in other programs, or small, specific tools to do something that needs to be done but for which no existing programs already exist. (I can’t count the number of times that I’ve needed a program to do something, and finding no existing tools, had to resort to writing one myself.)

I’ve been mired in SE pretty much from its beginnings. Unfortunately I became soured towards the SE network a few years ago because of a user on SU and the mods’ inaction against his behavior, so I have not really been active on the sites since, however I do occasionally follow up when I get a notification of a response to something I have previously posted.

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