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67 votes

Interpreting the end of Inception

38 votes

Why not send back hundreds of Terminators?

35 votes

In Inception, how do Cobb and Saito escape Limbo?

30 votes

How could Count Dooku lose against Anakin Skywalker in a lightsaber battle?

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How was Obi-Wan felled by such minor injuries?

22 votes

Does Wolverine have a hole in his forehead?

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Does Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files book series wear a hat?

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Loki in the Avengers

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Would Vader Know He's Becoming Redundant?

6 votes

In "Inception", why didn't Cobb take his kids with him when he had to flee the country?

6 votes

Did Darwin die or survive when Sebastion Shaw put energy in his mouth

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Chronological order of the three Tiassa sections?

3 votes

Are there any major superheroes with *living* parents?

2 votes

Would it be possible to take a White Court House to court over child custody?

1 vote

Did Steven Brust say there is no particular reading order for his Vlad Taltos novels?