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A brony, furry and just a student loving to code. <3

English is not my native, so please forgive (and even better - correct!) my grammar mistakes. Being Grammar-Nazi, I take them pretty seriously and the more I learn from my mistakes, the more correctly I write and the easier life of my text's readers become.

I like C#/VB.NET, love developing games (mostly roguelikes), but... umm... I'm yet to make something playable. I use Windows but seriously consider using a Linux too (but have trouble installing it :c).

I try to politely and carefully answer any questions there, because (I sincerely hope) I'm polite and kind by myself, and this community feels very warm, friendly and helpful, so I this is the least I can do to keep it that way and enchance it further. These qualities are rare from when I come from - people here are usually too cold and aggressive... It hurts me a lot. I hope things will get better though, but for now this place remains one of a few friendly and helpful sanctums, aside from a few friendly circles of mine, which (more or less) share these thoughts too...

Hail the Queen, hail the Swarm, for that day will be going to be perfect! <3

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