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48 votes

Was Elrond, in Tolkien's opinion, more inherently powerful than Galadriel?

42 votes

What happened to this scene?

22 votes

What are Gandalf's powers?

17 votes

In Rivendell, did Saruman try to use his "Voice" on Elrond, Galadriel and Gandalf?

17 votes

Did the Council of Elrond know that destroying the Ring would destroy Sauron?

13 votes

In 'The Hobbit: AUJ', why is Gandalf submissive in Saruman's presence?

11 votes

What were the wolves that attacked the Fellowship of the Ring?

10 votes

Was Gollum always a hobbit?

9 votes

...and in "The Darkness" bind them: Is this referring to Melkor's brand of 'not mere lack of light' darkness?

6 votes

Why were there 3-7-9 Rings of Power?

4 votes

What does it mean by "switch" in these context?

4 votes

How did Sauron not know about the Ring?

2 votes

Do the elves have pity for other races?