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prosody-Gab Vereable Context is my long term question, I need to edit the question about editing again for changes again. Oh and may make sense if read with that.

Working to resolve questions and marked under construction. (Addendum:, still need to be organized with help by/from a professional with relevant experience, so far here I meet mostly codey sounding programmers.)

I used and had an account with my real name on the ancient too, if we are asking, oh and to (, not exactly "Psy Z" type stupid smart language though still me.

I began Community Questions through and through the Git and Psychology Quora Topics, all saved to the record log.

Before Quora and Stackexchange I variableized about/to Psy Z (a character or a project still to be determined, maybe a math word), now trying to round the definitions.

Oh and and technically should be at the beginning however the context is we are talking like programmers.

"Under Sensitive Construction" might help from the "Under Construction" line many still say.

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