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9 votes

Did Voldemort Have a Dark Mark?

3 votes

What was "one more murder" that Voldemort was planning and talking about in GoF Ch. 1?

-3 votes

Why is the Ministry empty when Harry gets there in Order of the Phoenix?

4 votes

Why Didn't Snape Take Out Wormtail?

2 votes

What made Voldemort think that Draco Malfoy could kill Dumbledore?

12 votes

Why didn't Voldemort kill Prof. Slughorn?

2 votes

Why Didn't Dumbledore Hear the Basilisk?

24 votes

Why would Voldemort spare Lily?

14 votes

How/where did the wizards usually carry their wands?

-2 votes

What were Dumbledore's actual intentions for the Elder Wand?

2 votes

Why didn't Voldemort delay his return until after Harry Potter had died?

1 vote

Would the Horcrux cave water have killed Hagrid?

0 votes

Why didn't anyone throw Horcruxes in Veil of Department of Mysteries?

2 votes

How was Harry able to block a Killing Curse conjured by a Death Eater that was aimed at Hagrid in Deathly Hallows?

1 vote

Why did Voldemort assume that no-one knew about Room of Hidden Things?

4 votes

Why didn't James' love and sacrifice for Lily protect her?

5 votes

Did Harry Owe Draco Malfoy a Life Debt?

2 votes

Could Harry Potter Have Given Draco Malfoy's Wand Back?