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Why did Indiana Jones want to take the Ark to England?

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Would seeing a Basilisk in a memory cause death?

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Old TV show cartoon from the late 70s about a time traveling professor?

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Theodore Sturgeon short story about a writer whose work improves when he loses his fear

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Is the Hogwarts Express in the magical or non-magical realm?

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Does Superman have to work out to keep in shape?

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Short story about aliens that routinely kill their wives? Who wrote it?

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How did J.R.R. Tolkien learn about the events of his books? (In-Universe)

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Knowledge, education and restrictions in Hogwarts

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Would WiFi work at Hogwarts?

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Why did Rey and Finn change jackets on Starkiller Base?

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What is the first mention of Star Wars in a hit song?

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Is there a TV show/movie with humanoid aliens evolved from elephants?

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How can wizards avoid Trelawney's statement when dining with 13 people?