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Uncle Dino
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Hi there,
I'm Uncle Dino, a Hungarian guy who likes all things electronic. I am currently studying EE in BME (Budapest), where I just started on the specialization "high-frequency systems and applications".

I am not a professional programmer, but I enjoy the creative process, and I try to learn and improve. I have no go-to language, but I'm quite good with Python, learned C,C++ and PHP on uni, but I did smaller or bigger projects in other languages as well, from low-level assembly to functional languages.

I am a licensed HAM operator (HA7DN), and I am a member of the HAM club HA5KFU.

I enjoy playing CTFs, and participated in some. I mostly focus on cryptography & binary (reversing and exploitation). I scored 2nd on Crysys's SecChallenge 2021, but not played much CTF since.

The languages/technologies I want to learn currently include Rust, Svelte and Haskell.

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