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37 votes

Where should I start with Star Trek? (TV series only, not the movies)

23 votes

Prior to the start of Deep Space 9, why was Garak exiled and left on DS9?

20 votes

Was there an explicit catalyst event(s) that served as impetus for the creation of the Prime Directive?

14 votes

What happened to Jon Snow's direwolf?

13 votes

Does C-3PO ever do his job?

12 votes

Why is there a lot of low-tech in Battlestar Galactica?

9 votes

Star Trek Voyager - Species 8472 vs. the Borg

8 votes

Why are transmissions in StarTrek sometimes real-time, but sometimes require significant time to reach the destination?

8 votes

What is the difference between a phaser and a disruptor?

7 votes

Is the Commonwealth restored in Andromeda?

6 votes

Trek Warp Scale Re-Calibration

5 votes

Would more DNA be stored in mosquitoes than bones?

4 votes

What happened to Goran'Agar

1 vote

Why do science fiction movie writers love to use nukes to solve Earth crises?

1 vote

Roughly how many people know the Stargate exists?