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26 votes

Why is Sam unsure about whether or not he has taken out the Elf-rope before in chapter 12 of Two Towers?

21 votes

How did the Rangers of the North make a living in the Lord of the Rings?

20 votes

What do the family relations between the Valar mean?

15 votes

Why does Sauron release Gollum/Smeagol after he has interrogated him?

11 votes

Could any of the other eight Wraiths be destroyed by man?

11 votes

Why did Sauron need a large army when he could have used the Nazgûl to kill all his enemies in Middle-earth?

11 votes

What counts as being "given" the One Ring?

10 votes

Why did Aragorn let Frodo keep the One Ring after Weathertop?

8 votes

Why didn't the Valar make a Ring of Power?

7 votes

Huan, the Hound of Valinor, was permitted to speak only three times - why?

7 votes

Does Gollum know that others call him Gollum?

7 votes

Did Gandalf think that Frodo was dead?

6 votes

How fast did the Three Hunters go?

5 votes

The One Ring and Númenor

4 votes

What was the Valar's ancient error?

2 votes

Was Frodo able to see that Gandalf wore Narya and Elrond wore Vilya?

2 votes

Are the Istari speaking the langauge of Eru Iluvatar when speaking spells?

2 votes

Geographical error in the Silmarillion?

2 votes

Why does Frodo act as if the world is coming to an end when they have fulfilled the Quest?

1 vote

Why did Sauron keep the road to the Cracks of Doom maintained so well?

0 votes

Do the books ever say oliphaunts aren’t elephants?

-1 votes

Are there any phoenix like creatures in Tolkien's fantasy universe?