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22 votes

What is the earliest work considered to be Science Fiction?

21 votes

SF movie where the main character hits the "end of the road" when trying to exit from the city

14 votes

How does the Doctor’s screwdriver run a calculation whilst destroyed?

9 votes

Looking for space series with sailing ship

9 votes

Old book where heroine stepped on stones to travel through time

9 votes

Looking for a story told by intelligent nuclear bombs about the war they had with humanity

5 votes

Does the number 31 hold special meaning in Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers?

5 votes

In which order should I start watching Star Trek?

4 votes

Graphic short stories series about a boy falling through a hole which sends him to a fantasy world of monsters and magic?

3 votes

Trying to remember a movie from late 50s or early sixties

2 votes

Was the treaded submarine from *Le Manitoba ne répond plus* fictional in Hergés' time?

1 vote

When and why was impulse drive invented?

-1 votes

Can spaceships really explode in space?

-3 votes

How can the holodeck in Star Trek: Generations exist around an exit?