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Web developer with strong emphasis in front-end design and code. Special interests in user experience, information architecture, web standards and client-side performance.


  • Interface/front-end design and programming: Expertise in user experience, readability, usability and information architecture.
  • Advanced client-side language skills: Development of advanced applications in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Advanced Drupal development and management: Huge experience in design and development of Drupal modules and themes.

More than that: I am passionate about learning about a wide range of related fields that work side-by-side with my main professional focus in web programming. I had studied about marketing, sales, economy, psychology and neuroscience, which helps me understand the bigger picture of what I am working on, like the project objectives and what it’s possible to achieve with what we got in hands.

I have done work in design, branding, copywriting, and conversion optimization. My passion is not only to provide the best technically solution to the client needs, but to extend up to the boundaries of my knowledge to make a positive difference in their business.

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