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63 votes

Was Commander Data's potential wasted on the Enterprise?

47 votes

Have there ever been 25 or more stars on Wonder Woman's "panties"?

37 votes

In-universe, why does Doc Brown program the time machine to go to 1955?

22 votes

Did Pinky and the Brain ever prove their mousey worth, by taking over the Earth?

19 votes

Would 1885 Western Union really agree to hold a letter for 70 years?

18 votes

In which episode of TNG does Data take command of a Starship as part of a Federation Blockade?

11 votes

Why aren't Rogue One's event/characters ever referenced later?

10 votes

Why did Vader and Maul abandon their name while the other Sith Lords in the Movie didn't?

10 votes

Which episodes are required to watch before jumping directly into Star Trek: Voyager?

8 votes

What is the name of an 80s TV Movie where a man gains self-healing and endurance powers after a crash with a vehicle containing radioactive material?

7 votes

Which species was the first encountered by humans to communicate exclusively through telepathy?

6 votes

Why doesn't Owen Lars recognize C-3PO during ANH?

5 votes

Why does Data go to sick bay?

4 votes

What was the first use of the Star Trek Formula in TV, Books, Movies, or Radio?

-1 votes

Why does Wall•E have recording equipment?