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44 votes

What's with the word "sardonic" in sci-fi?

37 votes

What do the novel titles of The Expanse series refer to?

16 votes

How did dragons come into existence?

12 votes

SG-U body switching and ethics

10 votes

Was R. Daneel Olivaw constructed on Earth, and is he alive in the last book of the Foundation series?

8 votes

How were the Night's Watch going to seal the tunnel when Jon suggested they should? [No spoilers for S04E09]

7 votes

With all the wealth and black magic across the sea in Essos why, can't they just take over Westeros?

5 votes

What happened to the Starkiller Base at the end?

5 votes

Do Tauriel and Kili find love in The Hobbit? Although Tauriel is not actually in the novel? Does anyone know this out of interest?

4 votes

What is the latest date for the setting in a sci-fi text or movie?

3 votes

Why are dragons considered magical in A Song of Ice and Fire?

3 votes

When was the last winter?

3 votes

Reading order of "A Song of Ice and Fire"

1 vote

Sci-fi story about a TV that works across time

-1 votes

Asimov's three laws and non human inteligence