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28 votes

Does Gandalf have very limited powers compared to what we think of wizards today?

23 votes

Does the deflector dish pose a danger to inhabited worlds?

18 votes

What is the object in the opening shot of The Force Awakens?

12 votes

Why do acts of "accidental" magic only seem to happen around Muggles?

9 votes

How did the Tauntaun's guts keep Luke warm on Hoth?

8 votes

Does Q perform "magic," or does he actually know how to do everything?

6 votes

Why can't cloaked vessels shoot?

5 votes

Why did Obi-Wan wait years after his death to tell Luke to go to Dagobah to find Yoda?

1 vote

Why doesn't the Ruger set off the metal detector?

0 votes

How much do the Castithans in Defiance resemble Elves?

0 votes

Looking for an old German book about a journey to another planet (approx. from the 30ies)