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28 votes

Did J.K. Rowling express approval of HPMoR?

22 votes

Which Sci-Fi work introduced the idea of "Mad Scientists as villains"?

20 votes

Who was the first robot to refer to organic lifeforms as "meatbags"?

15 votes

Why didn't Yoda have any children to take care of him during his last days given that he lived up to 900 years old?

14 votes

What is the flash of light produced when the Enterprise goes into warp? Why don't other ships produce the same effect?

12 votes

How do star ships slow down from high impulse speeds?

12 votes

Why is it considered admirable that Neville stood up to his friends?

9 votes

What if a MAN actually stabbed the Witch-king instead of Éowyn?

7 votes

What are some things that are scarce even in a post-scarcity Star Trek world?

7 votes

What is Dumbledore's fascination with socks?

4 votes

Why does the Doctor not believe in Satan?

3 votes

Why was Bilbo not discovered by Sauron during his extended stay with the Wood Elves?

1 vote

Identifying a story about a boy who travels to a mirrored universe with ketchup that makes you intoxicated