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Aladdin: Why Did Wishes Get Revoked?
9 votes

I always interpreted it like this: Aladdin's wish is granted, he becomes a prince. The wish is now complete and everything else is up to him. As a prince now, Aladin can mess up and get exposed and ...

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Should I watch the Hobbit trilogy before the LotR trilogy?
7 votes

Maybe this should be a comment, I'm not sure. Nothing in the Hobbit movie trilogy requires knowledge of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It obviously helps if you already know a bit about Middle-...

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Why did Anakin cut the hand of Windu just to save Palpatine?
4 votes

That scene is pretty much the turning point for Anakin. It's the scene that justifies (most of) the rest of episodes 1-3. 5 minutes before this scene, Anakin finds out that Palpatine is the sith ...

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What is Kylo Ren thinking during his confrontation with the heroes?
0 votes

Purely my speculation, as there is no canon source: Another part of the movie shows Kylo conflicted over his decision to join the dark side. He asks Anakin to show him the power of the dark side, ...

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