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154 votes

How many axes did Gimli bring on the quest of the Fellowship?

56 votes

How can the Orcs be so easily killed?

44 votes

Why didn't Gandalf know what the Palantir was?

29 votes

Why would Glorfindel or another high elf draw Mordor's attention but the Istari don't?

12 votes

How large a form did Melkor take for his duel with Fingolfin?

10 votes

Why did the Valar call to Eru during the invasion of Valinor?

9 votes

The Hobbit: Why did Gandalf insist that Bilbo go with the dwarves?

8 votes

What makes some Elves magically stronger/more powerful than others?

7 votes

Are there any plans to novelize the Hobbit movies?

5 votes

Why do Elves remain in Middle-earth?

4 votes

Do the Ents go to the Undying Lands?

3 votes

Why were there servants of Saruman in Ithilien?

3 votes

What is the difference between Aman, Valinor, the Undying Lands, etc?

2 votes

How well-known is the theology of Middle-earth, in Middle-earth?

2 votes

How old are the Uruk-hai when they first go to battle?