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40 votes

Why don't starships use holodecks as living quarters?

25 votes

Why do the Borg care so much about Earth?

19 votes

Has another character ever observed Deadpool breaking the fourth wall?

14 votes

How could rebels trust R2-D2?

13 votes

If the ship's self-destruct is such a great idea why don't real Navies do this?

11 votes

Was Palpatine an effective ruler?

10 votes

Will Ezra's lightsaber revolutionize dueling?

8 votes

Has there ever been an instance in Star Trek where someone beamed into a solid object?

5 votes

Do all Klingons have piece-meal disruptors?

3 votes

Is there any story reason for Force users being less acrobatic?

2 votes

Newton’s axioms in Star Wars

0 votes

When Qui-Gon flipped the die in his favor, didn't he follow the Dark Side?

0 votes

Is Starfleet a military or civilian organization?

0 votes

Couldn't the Wraith have followed the intergalactic gate bridge in a ship?