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43 votes

Why does Prof. Farnsworth run Planet Express?

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Why does Sauron fear Aragorn if he is a Maia?

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What else do Margaery and Loras have in common according to Cersei?

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Why won't Roose Bolton send men to the Wall?

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What was the command relationship between Captain Sisko and General Martok in DS9?

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Why did Tolkien reverse the more common traditional genders assigned to the sun and moon?

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Was Voldemort able to make a Patronus?

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How do the readers of the books know how the songs sound?

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Are there any differences between the first episode of The Man in the High Castle released in January 2015 and the one released in October 2015?

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Other starships that can undergo saucer separation?

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How did Odo give it to the founders in the Gamma quadrant?

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Was the significance of Arya's Braavosi coin ever explained?

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What (old and new) Avengers are in the Captain America: Civil War movie?

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Did the second Defiant (the renamed Sao Paulo) have a cloak?

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Does any House in Westeros suffer a worse fate than this House?

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Why are there parallel technologies in the Star Trek universe?