Luis Machuca

Chilean debater-slash-programmers on languages like C++, JavaScript and PHP, and developer of plugins for the DokuWiki software. Also has a position in the local LUG and in a small organization pro digital rights.

Author of:

Maintainer of:

  • BBCode, Countdown plugins for DokuWiki.

C++ Idioms that he uses and promotes:

  • "Typesafe Enum" from Wikibooks.
  • "explicit_cast" from Matthew Wilson's Imperfect C++.
  • "Local functor" (eg.: Boost's).
  • "List initialization section".
  • "Return type resolver".
  • "Transparent" family of std::less<> etc functors.

More stuff:

  • GPG key-id: 13F127DC
  • Worries about CSS3: no parent selector yet. Unneeded ids everywhere!
  • Remembers fondly: GwBasic.
  • Hopes to try next: Python, Fossil.
  • Role in local LUG: secretary.
  • Rejects like would a pest: Java and its schools. Also, DRM.
  • Hashes with: SHA-256
  • Pets: (more!) kittens.
  • Sleep: too few.
  • Coffee: too much.
  • Chile
  • Member for 5 years, 7 months
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  • Last seen Dec 4 at 16:00