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Do Transformers have operating systems?
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This is addressed in Episode 1 "The Reformatting", Beast Machines, Season 1: Cheetor: Did I miss something? This is Cybertron, right? Our home planet? I mean, why would our own kind shoot at us? ...

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How does Leland know so much in Pandorum?
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The related movie script: Leland: Oh, how the whole world cheered to the thunder of earth's mightiest creation-- Elysium. One small spark to ignite the heavens for the heroes to venture farther and ...

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How does the Architect think Neo will be swayed by his revelation?
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To expand Escoce's first-rate answer, I'd say that the Architect reveals Trinity's pending death to his advantage. He believes that she is the most important reason for Neo to return to the Matrix. By ...

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