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Mostly harmless and sometimes helpful punk, who sold out and is now a software architect and programmer with some company.

Also a pseudo-designer with special interest in typography; a decent pianist; and a horrible guitarist - soaking up new interests on a weekly basis.

Language experience in rough descending chronological order:

  • 2014: GLSL
  • 2011: HLSL/Cg
  • 2008: Python
  • 2004: VBA (for MS Word)
  • 2003: ActionScript 2 + 3
  • 2001: C#
  • 1997: PHP; CSS + Javascript
  • 1995: C/C++; HTML
  • 1993: Object Pascal (Delphi)
  • 1992: Intel x86 assembly
  • 1991: Turbo Pascal
  • 1990: Amiga (680x0) assembly
  • 1990: Amiga AMOS BASIC
  • 1988: Amstrad CPC 464 BASIC

... with some dabbling in Java, Objective-C, Ruby and others.

These days, most work days take place with ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core (I have an intense dislike of WebForms), WPF, WinForms, Javascript, and Unity with a bit of VSTO, Flash/ActionScript 3/Flex/Air.

Avoids certifications like the plague.

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