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42 votes

Does the chess challenge in Philosopher's Stone adjust to the player's ability?

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Is there special symbolism of evil and undead in the north?

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Why can the forbidden corridor on the third floor be unlocked by simply using Alohomora?

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Do snitches scale in difficulty?

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How strong is a Spartan?

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Why do Tolkien's wizards look Human, and not Elven?

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Are the Jedi and Sith "special" compared to other similar groups?

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Does Tyrion despise the women he is romantically involved with?

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Does Game of Thrones deserve its reputation for killing off major characters?

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Could the miniverse in the microverse recharge Rick's battery after all?

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Why did Crabbe and Goyle decide to retake their DADA OWLs?

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Did the Shire Have any Army?