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32 votes

Why was Luke Skywalker missing in The Force Awakens?

17 votes

Any reference from Harry Potter books, movies or canons that all the pureblood Slytherin family tree is tracked back to Salazar Slytherin?

12 votes

Why isn't the system identifiable using only BB-8's map?

10 votes

How did the Death Eaters take the Ministry of Magic?

6 votes

What were all those visions Rey saw?

6 votes

Does the Federation's 24th century technology allow time travelling?

5 votes

Can Bran make Hodor say anything he wants while he controls his body?

4 votes

Battlestar galactica , episode "33" - why can't they just take sleep shifts?

3 votes

Why aren't The Mire immortal?

2 votes

How much affinity does the Doctor have for Gallifrey?

1 vote

What happened to Rip Hunter's family in the end?

1 vote

Has any character or setting introduced in a Marvel TV show gone on to appear in a movie?

1 vote

What happened to the other personalities of the Greek Gods in Percy Jackson?