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65 votes

Why didn't Sauron fight in the final battle?

63 votes

Since Boromir wanted the One ring so badly, why didn't he volunteer to take it during the Council of Elrond?

48 votes

How could Harry be better at Potions than Snape?

47 votes

Why didn't Gimli know Moria had fallen?

38 votes

Could the gold actually kill Smaug?

32 votes

Why Were Dwarves in the Shire?

28 votes

Why did the Fellowship not choose to pass the Misty Mountains further north or south?

27 votes

Why is '42' the meaning of life?

26 votes

Do Hogwarts Houses have quotas?

16 votes

What's the earliest example in Science Fiction of a robot 100% mimicking a human?

15 votes

Could Aragorn have won the Battle of the Black Gate without Frodo?

9 votes

Was Isildur a Coward?

8 votes

Who controls the Watcher in the Water?

5 votes

Why was Sméagol affected by the ring so fast, while both Frodo and Sam could handle it without immediately trying to choke each other?

3 votes

How do you 'travel' in a single dimension?