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33 votes

Was Elrond, in Tolkien's opinion, more inherently powerful than Galadriel?

32 votes

Were the Moon landings faked in Interstellar?

20 votes

Is the One Ring only loyal to Sauron or would it serve any powerful being?

16 votes

Is it Éowyn or Merry who kills the Lord of the Nazgûl (or both)?

11 votes

Short story describing an alien invasion where humans are the invaders

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Why did Celeborn not go with Galadriel?

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Did Robert A. Heinlein "Invent" the elastic inertiometer?

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How did Eowyn kill the Witch King?

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Why did the Mithril coat fail to stop Shelob's sting?

2 votes

Seva, the fictional Greek Goddess of Destruction, in a pre-1955 book

0 votes

Physics behind the "force push"

0 votes

Why are "reboots" not done for novels?

-4 votes

Why do the dwarves and elves hate each other?