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Could Aragorn have won the Battle of the Black Gate without Frodo?
17 votes

It's been years since my most recent reading of the books. Unfortunately, I don't have access to them now, so can't provide quotes. However, my recollection is that nearly all the leaders on Aragorn's ...

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Has R2-D2 ever used its rocket thrusters to fly outside of Attack of the Clones?
7 votes

Early in Revenge of the Sith R2D2 briefly uses its thrusters to start a fire (after spraying some sort of black combustible liquid - possibly oil) to destroy 2 droids as Anakin and Obi-Wan are ...

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Was Tolkien good at his day job?
4 votes

From what I've read, it seems Tolkien was well respected in his field at the time. Admittedly it has been a couple decades or more since I read Tolkien: A Biography by Humphrey Carpenter, and it's ...

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Is that really the author sitting in on her character's lecture?
Accepted answer
3 votes

Yes. According to Ms. Harkness' page on IMDB, she was a "Lecture Attendee" in episode 1.1.

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Public office draft
3 votes

Perhaps the novel version of Clarke's The Songs of Distant Earth? My recollection is that public officials were chosen at random; as long as they weren't criminals or insane, they were compelled to ...

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Book where rat-like aliens invade Earth and enslave humanity
2 votes

"... aliens ... enslave humans using mind control ..." is a fairly common device in science fiction. More details might help narrow this down. Maybe you're looking for Heinlein's The Puppet Masters? ...

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How could Nagini seem to see Harry and Hermione through the invisibility cloak when they visited Godric's Hollow in Deathly Hallows?
1 votes

Magic dammit! Or maybe smell or movement sensing. Most of the other answers* here involve a snake's ability to detect heat. The trouble I have with this is that snakes detect heat at a distance by "...

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Why is Galadriel so awesome?
-2 votes

While this doesn't directly explain Galadriel's power, the following theory could explain why she seems more powerful than Saruman at Dol Guldur: (Tl;dr - Saruman wasn't using his full power as he ...

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