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39 votes

What happens to the worlds that don't want to join the United Federation of Planets?

34 votes

Of all the threats in the galaxy, why the Borg?

19 votes

What was the purpose of banning use/development of cloaking technology in Treaty of Algeron?

17 votes

Why is Starfleet so poor at security tactics?

15 votes

Did Worf not serve in Starfleet before? Why would he dispute Picard's order?

14 votes

Why did no one notice Geordi's transmission?

11 votes

In Star Trek IV, why did the Bounty go back to a time when whales were already rare?

10 votes

Why did Tarrlok do what he did at the end of Season 1?

10 votes

Why does GLaDOS say "again" in her greeting?

10 votes

Do the Federation need to worry about the Treaty of Algeron?

7 votes

Can a transport in progress be blocked or stopped by the bridge?

6 votes

What would have happened if the Doctor hadn't removed Seven's implants?

4 votes

Why didn't Spock save the Romulan Empire by going back in time?

2 votes

Why can’t holodeck doors be opened mechanically or by force from outside?

2 votes

Why in the world do they teach Latin at the Starfleet Academy?

1 vote

What would have happened to Spock's 'soul' if he hadn't regenerated on Genesis