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52 votes

Astronauts Shot Down, hidden by SF fans

17 votes

Why is there no medical confidentiality in Star Trek (except when there is)?

12 votes

Story where humans fight aliens that were advanced in space travel technology but behind in warfare technology

10 votes

How can First Contact happen in 2024?

9 votes

Searching for title about consumption

7 votes

Since they no longer kill animals for food, what does the replicator use as a template?

7 votes

How was Loki able to breathe when Thor put his hammer on Loki's chest

5 votes

In-universe explanation for why is the TOS-era Enterprise is more austere than the Discovery?

5 votes

A Fire Upon the Deep: how come the refugee ship goes so fast to the Tines' world?

5 votes

Independence Day - Why is there gravity in space?

4 votes

Story based in the future where magic is facilitated by microscopic computers

3 votes

What movie has a sofa time machine and a flying bike?

1 vote

How did Doctor Octopus survive even one punch from Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2?

0 votes

Did Philip K. Dick purposefully confuse Mrs. Kesselman with Mrs. Keitelbein in "Time Out Of Joint"?