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138 votes

Was any character alive during all of the Star Wars episodes from I to VII?

74 votes

How could Barty Crouch not know Percy Weasley's name?

41 votes

Do muggles react the same way to potions in Harry Potter?

33 votes

Are any Harry Potter characters completely redeemed?

11 votes

Are there non-squib wizards/witches who work 100% in muggle world?

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Has 616 Spider-Man ever had a cape?

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Has a superhero ever deliberately killed a non-superhero/supervillian?

5 votes

Where are these Batman images from?

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Is there a superhero who has notably super-strong teeth?

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How do we know the Flash is faster than Superman?

3 votes

How many times has Dumbledore outright lied to Harry (or anyone)?

3 votes

How much Polyjuice potion did this character need?

3 votes

Who was the first Gryffindor sorted in Sorcerers Stone?

2 votes

How long did Barty Crouch Jr intend to stay at Hogwarts after Voldemort's return?

1 vote

How did Superman turn back time in the first movie?

0 votes

Is a distinction between "food" and "drink" ever specified as per Gamp's Law?

0 votes

How many people died during Grindelwald's reign?