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29 votes

Were personal relationships in Middle-earth different from our own?

26 votes

Why do starships 'fall' when they blow up?

20 votes

How had Saruman "cheated" Sauron?

16 votes

Did Tolkien popularize the generic description of a wizard?

13 votes

Which Sci-Fi work introduced the idea of "Mad Scientists as villains"?

13 votes

Why do Igors (but not Igorinas) lisp when they speak?

12 votes

Why was Boromir allowed to join the Fellowship of the Ring?

11 votes

Why didn't Eru stop the Dark Lords from causing trouble in Middle-earth?

10 votes

Is the location of Rivendell a secret?

10 votes

Why didn't the Fellowship use horses for transportation?

9 votes

Did the Shire import any goods?

8 votes

Why did Sauron think that no one in possession of the One Ring would want to destroy it?

6 votes

Could Gandalf not have made his own One Ring?

5 votes

Are there any dwarves and/or elves joining Sauron and/or Saruman

5 votes

Did Tolkien ever specify that Orodruin was a volcano?

4 votes

Was Sauron aware of what Gandalf was?

4 votes

Why didn't Gandalf prevent or lessen Saruman’s damage to the Shire?

3 votes

Are the similarities between Tolkien's Dwarves and Jews intentional?

2 votes

How did non-native plants find their way to Middle-earth?

1 vote

What happened to the Rangers of the North after the War of the Ring?

1 vote

How does interspecies reproduction work in the Lord of the Rings universe?

1 vote

Why do people talk about Wizards as though they are common in The Lord of the Rings?

0 votes

Sci-fi short story where man becomes a plant