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48 votes

What was the Fairy Godmother and King Harold's deal?

33 votes

Why would the elves help destroy the One Ring?

32 votes

Has Wolverine ever beaten The Hulk in a fight?

31 votes

"My mom once knew a guy who could do that" said Peter to Eric. Do they have any relation?

18 votes

What inspired Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein "?

17 votes

What movie is this? A black, slick, oil-like monster, similar to The Blob but liquid like

16 votes

Where are the cast and crew logos in Game of Thrones opening credits from?

13 votes

What did Apocalypse mean by this line?

12 votes

Was Harry supposed to watch Snape kill Dumbledore?

12 votes

In Back to the Future Part II, why is old Biff in a lot of pain?

9 votes

Short story - Man invents easy to make doomsday device capable of cutting the Earth in half

5 votes

Do any humans know about Division 6 / Men in Black?

5 votes

Gilgamesh and Lilith, two different books by the same female author

4 votes

Are the rules to the board game Quintet known?

3 votes

What was the monster in Deep Rising supposed to be?

2 votes

Why wasn't Jason Stryker affected by Cerebro?

1 vote

Did Agent Kay actually have IDs made out to INS Division 6?