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31 votes

Is Starfleet a military or civilian organization?

21 votes

Why don't Starfleet Officers wear protective gear when going abroad?

12 votes

What if the parents of a Muggle-born witch or wizard refuse to let them attend Hogwarts?

11 votes

Why didn't Temporal Agents stop Nero from destroying Vulcan?

8 votes

Why don't the Borg use shields or a cloaking device?

8 votes

The fates of corporations in the Star Trek universe

7 votes

Why are quarters on the Enterprise-D so spacious?

7 votes

Those white one-piece engineering suits in the original series films

5 votes

Sound effect in "Cause and Effect"

4 votes

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, how did Kirk and Gillian successfully beam aboard the Klingon ship together?

3 votes

How could Janeway have used Holodecks as a child when they were new to Picard?

3 votes

Why Did Peter Pettigrew Become a Death Eater?

2 votes

Why does Data not notice the intruder?

1 vote

How does one get a plot of land on Earth?

1 vote

Why teleportation isn't the primary intra-ship transport mechanism?