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6 votes

Why did the Federation struggle so hard to understand the Tamarians?

13 votes

What exactly makes a General Products hull nearly indestructible?

3 votes

Story about a neural computer personality implanted and communicated to using subvocalization

18 votes

Does same-species racism exist in Star Trek?

57 votes

Short story with a battle fought by attempting to change genres

36 votes

Story about humanity realizing they are in a simulation

3 votes

How did this character in Unsong fake his death?

9 votes

How was Jim able to space walk when the ship was traveling at .5 c?

15 votes

How could Harry and Ron bypass Hogwarts' security in a flying Ford Anglia?

19 votes

Why doesn't Star Fleet use holographic sentinels to protect the ship when boarded?

48 votes

Which Asimov story has malevolent 3-law AI?

1 vote

What short story had a world of independent cities who blew up any city that got too big?

7 votes

How does the new Deadpool movie relate to X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

31 votes

Was Spock fallible?

2 votes

Why didn't Skynet upgrade itself through time travel?

8 votes

What was Lobsang's gift to Lu-Tze, if anything?

27 votes

Are there any dwarves and/or elves joining Sauron and/or Saruman

41 votes

How do the robots disobey the 3 laws in the film I, Robot?