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What was the first work set in a post nuclear war earth?
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The Stars, Like Dust was published in 1951, after atomic bombs had been seen in use. It mostly takes place off earth, but opens there. Also consider On the Beach, published a bit later (1957).

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Do the Imperials know they are evil?
4 votes

"Good" and "evil" depend on the values of the speaker. Someone behaving in accordance with the speaker's values is good (according to that speaker). A better question might be "what were the typical ...

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How do humans in Star Trek satisfy their desire for fanciful and luxurious stuff in a post-scarcity world where money does not exist?
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Consider Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Physical stuff is all at the bottom. A society which has accumulated so much wealth that no one has to think about food and shelter, may have a less physical ...

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