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-3 votes

How did Rey find this structure intact?

0 votes

Why were the Night's Watch required to be celibate?

4 votes

Why didn't Grey Worm kill this character?

9 votes

Why this character is punished instead of being honoured?

6 votes

Why was this character made Grand Maester?

3 votes

60's-70's movie: home appliances revolting against the owners

0 votes

How many innocents died on the second Death Star when the rebels destroyed it?

10 votes

Why couldn't the shield protecting the Death Star be penetrated at the Battle of Endor?

4 votes

If Luke Skywalker didn’t want to be found, why did he leave a map?

5 votes

Why was FN-2187 working in sanitation?

7 votes

Why didn't Yoda have any children to take care of him during his last days given that he lived up to 900 years old?

20 votes

How did Kirk manage to get Captaincy of the Enterprise despite just graduating from Academy?

26 votes

Why do the Starfleet cadets get away with assaulting Kirk in a bar without being disciplined?