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30 votes

Are Pokémon animals?

27 votes

What sci-fi movie has a man go to a shop to buy an experience/memory of being a spy, only to find out that he is one?

20 votes

Old story about mysterious creatures at the bottom of a well that have a taste for "live turkey" (i.e. human flesh)?

18 votes

Early 2000s movie with a human-looking alien trying to shake hands with a car

16 votes

Do Judy and Peter remember anything from the events in Jumanji?

15 votes

Did the robot that saved Spooner's life in I, Robot break the 2nd law of robotics?

14 votes

Kids’ show with toys to shoot at the on-screen images

11 votes

What official connection is there, if any, between "Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch", and "Wendy the Good Little Witch"?

9 votes

Is Jango Fett inept?

8 votes

Who was the real life inspiration for Prince Charming?

7 votes

Are green Yoshis more common than other varieties in Super Mario?

7 votes

Does Anyone Know The Episode of Star Trek Where the Replicator is Used to Recycle a Book?

5 votes

Does any information exist about the full names of Tristram inhabitants from the first Diablo?

4 votes

Why does Ryan Ask this to Jack?

3 votes

What is the story I am trying to remember, where a boy gets trapped in a fort?