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I am former Chairman of the Royal Society for putting things on top of other things. My former Display name here was NSNoob (It still is on other SE communities). I am also a die-hard fan of ASOIAF by George R.R. Martin. Since 2013 there hasn't been a single day when I haven't read, played, watched some ASOIAF related work.

Hey What's that on your profile Image?

Which Aegon, to be precise?

My super-power is not minding spoilers at all.

ASOIAF excerpt of the Day Whenever-the-mode-strikes-me:

Somewhere beneath those roofs, the Sons of the Harpy were gathered, plotting ways to kill her and all those who loved her and put her children back in chains. Somewhere down there a hungry child was crying for milk. Somewhere an old woman lay dying. Somewhere a man and a maid embraced, and fumbled at each other's clothes with eager hands. But up here there was only the sheen of moonlight on pyramids and pits, with no hint what lay beneath. Up here there was only her, alone.

She was the blood of the dragon. She could kill the Sons of the Harpy, and the sons of the sons, and the sons of the sons of the sons. But a dragon could not feed a hungry child nor help a dying woman's pain. And who would ever dare to love a dragon?

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My Standard Response when someone says that Tywin Lannister did something Evil

That didn't happen.

And if it did, it wasn't that bad.

And if it was, it wasn't a big deal.

And if it is, it's not his fault.

And if it was, he did not mean it.

And if he did, they deserved it.

Oh and I love the Polish Winged Hussars even though I am not Polish!

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