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How did Phineas Nigellus know that Hermione is a Muggle-born in the Deathly Hallows when he was blindfolded?
5 votes

On page 301, Phineas recognizes Harry's voice: “Never mind where we are,” said Harry, and Phineas Nigellus froze, abandoning his attempts to peel off the painted blindfold. “Can that possibly ...

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Why didn't anyone use the reparo spell on Harry's broom?
4 votes

Why didn't Reparo work on Harry's wand?? Maybe the physical structure of the broom could have been restored with Reparo, but I assume it would have lost most of its magical power. Hermione tried to ...

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Does The Force Awakens contradict any other Disney canon work?
-1 votes

I am not sure, but I think there are some contradictions: Rey using the Force without any training, despite the previous movies suggesting that years of training was required to use skills like Force ...

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