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63 votes

What are the revisions in the (Revised Edition) of The Hobbit?

60 votes

In the inscription of the One Ring, what or who does "them all" refer to?

49 votes

Was there any justification (in-Universe) for the 9-member count of Fellowship of the Ring or of its specific make-up?

47 votes

How long did Frodo and Sam take to reach Mount Doom?

29 votes

The North, South and East Wind

28 votes

What role does Radagast the Brown play in "The Hobbit"?

25 votes

Did Gandalf already know Boromir before the Council of Elrond?

20 votes

How did Iroh deliver the "Secret History" message to Zuko while imprisoned?

19 votes

Non-Tolkenian Orcs with redeeming qualities?

19 votes

Silmarillion & Book of Lost Tales, which should I read first?

17 votes

What Is Shepherd Book's Religion?

12 votes

The Silmarillion -- Different versions?

11 votes

Does Morgoth have a fair form?

10 votes

Are the languages in Eragon based on real languages?

6 votes

What is the earliest novel/story to deal with cosmically vast expanses of time?

3 votes

Are the planets in Firefly in just one star system or spread across the galaxy?

1 vote

Has an official release date of A Memory of Light been published?